Working in The Stable

Caring for a stable kept horse or pony is a huge responsibility and making sure all the stabled horses and ponies are properly exercised and kept in comfortable conditions, is absolutely essential.

When I first learned how to ride our pony, we never had any stabling facilities. Although we did have a stall for her, in our barn. So it wasn't until we moved to the city, that I was first introduced to how riding schools operated.

The equestrian centre in Hamilton was so well organised. Their yards were tidy, the tack room and roomy boxes were in good repair. The horses and ponies looked well fed and happy and the muck heap was neat and tucked away from the stables.

The kids all wore helmets, riding boots and looked so cool in their flash, horsey clothes and they obviously knew what to do, as they kept themselves busy either grooming cleaning tack or mucking out the stalls. It was so impressive to watch.


Each time I went to the equestrian centre, I learned something new, like; how to clip a pony, tidying up the muck heap, disinfecting the floor of the loose box, plaiting a horses mane and tail, brushing, filling water buckets, filling haynets, feeding, strapping a horse, using a hoof pick, putting rugs on and off and of course, patting the horses and ponies.

I learned to follow a routine, because thats what horses and ponies liked. They knew what to expect.

I still have much to learn. But its fun and you get to know so much about different horse breeds and horses behavioural traits, by being so close to them.

How about you? Do you have much experience working in the stable?

Why not share your tips with us?