Alexander The Great

Alexander the great, the king of Macedonia was one of the greatest military strategists and commanders in history. Before his death in 323 BC, at the age of thirty two, he had led his army for over twelve thousand grueling miles and conquered everything before him and in the process, extended the Greek empire into Egypt and India.

Horses played a massive role in those Greek military campaigns and it's befitting that such an awesome leader as Alexander, should have had an equally legendary horse as a mount to carry him on those conquests.

Bucephalus is considered the most famous horse of all times. Bucephalus was described as a huge black horse with a star on his forehead, a walleye and said to be of the "best Thessalonian strain".

The name Bucephalus mean't "ox-head", which some say referred to the mark of the ox's head on the haunch and others say it was because of his large bull-like head.

Alexander rode Bucephalus into battle after battle, until the horse was mortally wounded at the age of thirty years, in the Battle of Hydaspes in June 326 BC in which Alexander defeated the Indian king Porus.

Bucephalus was honoured with a state funeral and the city of Bucephalus, close to modern day Jhelum in Pakistan, was founded after him to honour his memory.

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