Frequently Asked Questions About Our Horse Treks and Horseback Riding Adventures

Thanks for contemplating taking a horse trek with us. The following are some frequently asked questions about them.

What are your opening hours?

Our normal operating hours for daily treks are between 9am - 8pm during summer months or 9am - 5pm during winter months.

Are your treks kid or learner friendly?

Absolutely...Previously before going commercial we organised over 200 pony treks for the Kawhia Kids Trekking Club, in which most of the kids had never been on a pony before. We're pleased to have never had a bad incident (apart from the occasional pony standing on a toe or shoe) during this educational time.

Whats the minimum age to ride?

We do have pony rides specifically available for kids of ages 3-10. Otherwise on the longer treks, unless experienced, we have a minimum age limit of 8 years.

How safe are your treks?

Because our whole riding trek is on miles upon miles of mostly soft sand, we believe we have the safest trek in New Zealand. No hard ground or rocks to fall on...No dangerous down hill grades to upset your balance...Just miles of beautiful sand, water and stunning views....The perfect environment for learners to develop their horsemanship skills and for the more advanced rider, enjoy a thrilling gallop along the pristine beach.

Do you teach horse riding lessons?

Yes, we do teach basic horse riding skills, during the trek if asked for, however we do have the occasional equestrian course available that teachs more in depth horse riding lessons from beginners to advanced.

What are your prices?

Please check out prices on horse trekking page:

Do you offer any specials on your horseback rides?

Yes we do, depending on the numbers, or sometimes if we have horses available on an outgoing trek...Speak to us.

Do you offer overnight horseback riding adventures?

Yes we do offer an overnight ride to our trekkers camp on the shores of Aotea harbour. However it is dependent on numbers. If you have an interested group of 4 or more, then please discuss this with us...Checkout the following link of a documentary done about our overnight treks:

Overnight horseback riding adventures